General Mechanical

Our experienced technicians are competent in domestic and imported cars. We repair and maintain all types of vehicles including light trucks.

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Suspension alignment

We are fully equipped to adjust your wheels alignment fast and precisely.

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We maintain all king of braking systems. We install high-quality NAPA brakes pads, brake disks and drums.

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We have the ability to diagnose accurately, repair and reprogram your vehicles. We have factory scan tools for most makes as well.

We are equipped and experienced with Diesel trucks repairs and maintenance. We repair diesel engines.

Steve auto pro services

Electricity and electronics

Steve’s Auto & Performance highly trained shop on electronics and Diesel. We can solve all electronic or electric troubles on cars and light trucks. We are fully equipped to troubleshoot your vehicle.

Wheel alignment

Check the alignment of your car every year / 25 000km to ensure the perfect parallelism of your wheels. Once your wheels are well aligned, you’ll be able to save on fuel, extend the life of your tires and drive safely.

With our latest generation of 3D alignment technology, you will enjoy a fast and accurate alignment service.

Air conditioning system

We are equipped to inspect, maintain and repair your car air conditioning system. A proper A/C system maintenance helps prevent costly repairs on your vehicle. It is important to check the air conditioning system at 50 000km (2 years).

We are experienced in the replacement of air conditioning compressors and other parts of the automotive air conditioning system.

Car and light trucks services

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